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AMLE SEL Deep Dive Online Course

Designed by Nathan Maynard, co-author of Hacking School Discipline

Are you ready to take a deep dive into social emotional learning and restorative practices? In this self-paced online course, you will learn how to amplify best-practices while earning 3 contact hours and taking away tangible tools you can employ in your school and classroom today.

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Hacking School Discipline

Washington Post and International Bestseller and #1 Amazon Bestseller 18 consecutive months

In a book that should become your new blueprint for school discipline, teachers, presenters, and school leaders Nathan Maynard and Brad Weinstein demonstrate how to eliminate punishment and build a culture of responsible students and independent learners.

"Maynard and Weinstein provide practical tips and strategies in the context of real-world examples, guided by the imperatives of changing the behavior and preserving the relationship. An important read for teachers and administrators." -Danny Steele, award-winning principal and co-author of Essential Truths for Principals and Essential Truths for Teachers

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